EMPACT transformation is a holistic approach to research, value creation and design execution based on a deeper and more authentic understanding of your customer’s needs.


EMPACT has been used across the spectrum of business transformation, including but not limited to design of technology, products, service, business models, pathways to purchase, consumer brands, employee engagement in strategy, experience design and cultural change.  Apply EMPACT to shift away from designing transactional scenarios and move into creating a flexible relational customer platform.


Your customers are not just customers but your advocates, users & audiences

EMPACT is designed to allow your business to build more valuable relationships.


The next wave of value depends on your ability to more deeply embed your value proposition into your customer's world.


Going more deeply into your customer's world depends on your capacity to identify and navigate your way to a better meet your customer's needs.


You no longer need to merely transact, but you need to relate, inform and energise your customers.


Discover how the EMPACT framework speaks to your customers on a deeper level.

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