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Being able to see what is important and focus on it requires insights that get to the heart of the matter. Going beyond the surface, looking more broadly into context, frees us up from the known and specific to the yet unknown and unrealised value.


Many traditional research projects look for an opportunity at the level of function and transaction, which drive incremental shifts in value. In order to break away from convention, research needs to drop deeper into the why through a line of sight into emotional experiences.


EMPACT illuminates your customer’s inner and outer world enabling a radical rethink of possibility.

Transformative proposition

A customer’s perception of value is directly related to their capacity to realise their ideal self. The value of transforming an individual from an 'as is' to a 'to be' directly leads to positive brand and price perceptions. The more holistic the transformation, the more value that is created. Propositions need to focus on the being state of the customer, being is causal while the doing, behavioural shifts, is at the level of affect.

The EMPACT process elicits the being state through the exploration of customer self concept where the drivers and barriers form a customer's self image.

Emotional Needs

All needs have an emotional charge, each of these have a specific purpose in helping us get our needs met. When you feel into your customer's needs using EMPACT research, you can access a level of experience that even the customer may not be aware of at a conscious level. Emotions give us a sense of deep purpose and the drivers and barriers in meeting the customer's needs.

Relationship exchange

Our relationships affect all aspects of ourselves. The mutual experience of ourselves and others as reflected through the exchange of energy and information in relationship defines our self image, wellbeing and quality of life. 'Others' include the human aspects of brand touch points such as digital, customer service and branded communications. EMPACT allows you to design customer relationships rich in purposeful energy and information.


We experience the world through our own world view and lens of perception. Two people can experience the same event differently according to their own internal story and self image. Through EMPACT research we can uncover the key stories that drive perception and experience, we can stand in their shoes and associate into their feelings by probing into each emotional experience. We can create positive affect using EMPACT where customers can move into a more open, allowing, experimental and solution minded state.


To intentionally and consistently deliver the customer experience requires insight into both customer and employee engagement. Customer engagement can be measured and modified and fed back into the system.
By turning EMPACT inside the organisation, employees can be fully energised and engaged to deliver the desired customer transformation and experience. EMPACT design brings the external experience and internal performance into synchronicity.


Download the full EMPACT framework PDF.

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